Resilience 2043

Year 2043: The irreversibility of climate change has forced humans to take refuge in underground and submarine bunkers, deserting the surface of the earth which has become uninhabitable. Man-made robots have become the sole occupants of the surface, continuing to extract energy resources for their own survival at the cost of the human life.


Control your Rebelion drone to rid the world of these Sentinel robots throughout over 10,000 procedurally generated levels. Energy resources being scarce, you will have to use strategy and speed in order to succeed in hoisting yourself higher than the Sentinels to eliminate them, while avoiding their deadly absorbing rays.

Inspired and re-adapted from an 80s video game classic, Resilience offers:

  • Over 10,000 procedurally generated levels
  • A progressive difficulty throughout your experience
  • A world ranking to follow your progress
  • Choose your control mode: left or right handed
  • A retro-gaming style of play
  • A mini-book in PDF format to immerse yourself in this dystopian universe

Coming soon:

  • New Sentinels
  • A multiplayer Battle mode



Fun 100%
Stealth 40%
Strategy 80%
Move Fast 60%

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