Voxel Specifications


  • Arcade’s installation in less than 2 hours
  • No required operator to set-up and manage games
  • Affordable
  • Limited Ground footprint
  • Available mobile solution
  • Proactive technical support and extended warranty
  • Immersive VR experience not available at home
  • 3D wireless Glasses instead of VR headset for:
    • motion sickness safe experience
    • intense body activity → healthy game
    • safer experience: users can see the real world through the 3D glasses
  • Effective immersive multiplayer experience up to two players
  • Short games – allow easier engagement with the user
  • Hygienic


Technical Informations

Ground footprint:   3050 mm x 2200 mm
Electrical power : 1500 Watts
System Height:   3050 mm
Lamps duration:  3000 hours
Screen material:  Plastic soft screen
Ground screen material: Plastic floor
Weight:  < 250 kg
Packaging (with walls): 2 flight-cases

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